Macular Hole Surgery

Surgery with and without ILM peeling also showing ICG staining of ILM.

Macular Hole Surgery
No Internal Limiting Membrane Peel

This patient had a two month history of vision loss from a macular hole. The pre-operative OCT scan showed a stage II macular hole with a diameter of about 250 microns. The scan did not show a taught internal limiting membrane. This surgery is done with a short acting sulfer hexafluoride gas and no internal limiting membrane peel. The patient positioned for a week after surgery (Strict for 3 days). The hole closed and the vision has improved to 20/30 at 2 months.

Macular Hole Surgery
Internal Limiting Membrane Peel - No Stain

Macular hole surgery in a patient with a stage 2 macular hole. The internal limiting membrane is peeled. A short acting gas was used (sulfur hexafluoride) and vision was 20/50 1 week after surgery. This surgery was done 1 month ago. Vision at 1 month visit was 20/40.

Macular Hole Surgery
with ILM peel

Re-operation for a failed macular hole sugery. In this surgery the internal limiting membrane is peeled using no stain. The high definition video shows the maneuver nicely. This 75 year old female patient recovered vision from 20/200 to 20/30 about 3 monhs after the surgery.

Macular Hole
ILM Peel with ICG Stain

Macular hole surgery with indocyanine green assisted internal limiting membrane peel. This 73 year old woman had a macular hole in her right eye for 3 years. She initially declined surgery for the macular hole. She had trouble with her left eye and had treatment of retinal tears 3 months ago. Her left eye did fine, but now, out of concern for the future health of her two eyes, she elected to have surgery to close the macular hole in her right eye. The visual acuity is 20/200 and this is a stage IV macular hole.